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10 Great Costume Ideas for 2020

2020 has been a doozy, to say the least. We will take any opportunity this year to have some fun, and thankfully for us, Halloween is right around the corner. Our team has put together a list of great costume ideas so you can ensure your costume is as unique as this unprecedented year. So, grab a glass of our legendary wine, and let’s look at Halloween costumes that are perfectly suited for 2020.

1. Carole Baskin

Starting our list off strong with Carole Baskin. Whether or not you think she killed her husband, you have to admit she has killer style. Execute her signature animal-print shirt and a flower crown for a costume that’s sure to be talked about. Not to mention, this has the potential to be a group costume!

2. Joe Exotic

We can’t talk about Carole Baskin without mentioning Joe Exotic! You know the look: signature bleach-blond strands and outrageous country-glam style. Take it to the next level with a funky button-down shirt, handlebar mustache, and ’80s wig.

3. Zoom Attire

If this isn’t 2020 in a costume, we don’t know what is. You know you’ve worn this exact outfit on a Zoom call. To achieve this look, wear a professional top with shorts or sweats on bottom. Just make sure to let other guests know this Zoom call will end in 40 minutes. Don't leave out your obnoxious pajama pants and fuzzy house slippers!

4. DIY Tie-Dye

What else took off in 2020? TikTok! Get in on the TikTok craze by tie-dying your clothes with wine. Yes, wine! Just don’t forget to drink whatever you don’t use. After all, what else will get us through 2020?

5. Grey's Anatomy

You’re already wearing a mask - why not don scrubs, a lab coat, and comfy running shoes while you’re at it? Not only will your costume be a crowd favorite, but it will also be a great way to stay safe during Halloween. Wear a stethoscope and recite dramatic monologues to really drive this costume home.

6. Devil

At Casillero del Diablo, a devil costume is always in style, so we can’t leave it off the list for 2020. Some of our friends like to go all-in with elaborate makeup, and some like to keep it simple with devil horns and a red shirt. There are plenty of options to have fun with, like carrying a pitchfork or a glass of wine.

7. Quarantined

Let’s be honest, we all let loose a little bit during quarantine. We traded makeup, hairstyles, and stylish outfits for comfort. Not to mention, we couldn’t get our hair done for 2 months! Choose your favorite quarantine outfit and pair it with disheveled hair, a wrinkled shirt, and carry around a coffee pot for an added touch.

8. Taylor Swift's Cardigan

Remember that time Taylor Swift randomly released an album in the middle of 2020? Yeah, we do, too, and it only seems fitting it would revolve around a comfortable cardigan. This is an easy, last minute costume. Just wear a white and black cardigan and call it a day. Bonus points if you recite lyrics and talk about your exes all night.

9. Cobra Kay vs. Miyagi-Do

Group costume! In light of the new Netflix show, show up to a Halloween party with half of your group dressed up in Cobra Kai attire and half of your group dressed up in Miyagi-Do attire. Which dojo will have the best costumes?

10. Face masks

And finally, if you want to keep it simple this year, wear an interesting face mask. You can buy a Halloween-themed mask or make it interesting. We dare you to wear your Halloween mask to the store!

Happy Halloween

No matter what costume you choose, we know you're going to look great. We wish you a happy and safe Halloween.

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