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8 Best Halloween Costumes for 2021

There are two types of people on Halloween: those who go all out and those who do as little as possible. We put together a list of costumes ranging from extra to minimal. So, grab a glass of our legendary wine, and let’s look at the best Halloween costumes for 2021!

1. WandaVision

Starting off our list strong, we’re starting with the incredible WandaVision. If you didn’t get a chance to be blown away by this Marvel series, go to your Disney+ account, and do yourself a favor by binge watching this show! The best part about dressing like WandaVision is that you get to choose what version or decade of Wanda you want to be. Will you don some pearls and take all your photos in black and white for 1950’s Wanda, or will you use up a whole can of hairspray for 1990’s Wanda? 

2. Space Jam

Bring back your childhood memories in a new way by dressing up as LeBron James in Space Jam: A New Legacy. The best part of this costume is that you only have to wear a jersey and gym shorts - perfect for every begrudging Halloween party-goer. You can even buy the jersey straight from Nike or Target.  

3. Cruella Deville

This wouldn’t be a Casillero Halloween post if we didn’t include a version of our protector, the devil. Switch up your usual devil costume this year by dressing like Cruella Deville. With the 2021 remake of this classic movie, you have plenty of wardrobe options from a sleek and modern red dress to busting out your black leather jacket. Bonus points if you bring your dog along!

4. Jeff Bezos in Space

Amazon who? Dress like Jeff Bezos on his way to space! If you don’t have a full bodysuit around, just wear blue jeans and a blue shirt paired with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. If you’re feeling a little tongue in cheek, have one of your friends dress like Elon Musk.

5. Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek

“This wine is awful. Give me another glass.” Moira Rose, our fashion and one-liner extraordinaire, is the ultimate character to be this Halloween. Wear black and white clothes with some crazy textures and patterns, find your brightest red lipstick, and prepare your wittiest comments. Carry around a glass of Casillero wine - a wine so good, even Moira Rose would love it. 

6. Olivia Rodrigo from the Sour Album

For the easiest Halloween costume of all, put stickers all over your face like Olivia Rodrigo on her album cover Sour. Let’s be honest, your kid already puts stickers all over you. You might as well embrace it as a last minute Halloween costume. 

7. Peloton Instructor

Oh, Peloton. The exercise bike and program that took the pandemic by storm. Peloton instructors are known for their enthusiasm, determination, and downright cruelty when it comes to their bike workouts. Be comfortable in leggings or shorts, and be prepared to over-motivate your guests. By the way, you know that Zoom headset you’ve been using? This is a great time to bust it out in public. 

8. Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration

Arguably the best and most unifying meme of 2021, Bernie Sanders attending the Presidential Inauguration is a mood. Wear a large coat, woolly mittens, and bring a folding chair to get comfortable in. No one will be as relaxed and as comfortable as you. The face mask also makes this the perfect costume for those who are still social distancing and taking precautions. Safe and funny? You can’t beat that.

Happy Halloween from Casillero del Diablo!

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