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Casillero del Diablo's Winemaker Sebastián Rodríguez: All of Your Winemaking Questions Answered

Meet Sebastián Rodríguez

Casillero del Diablo's winemaker, Sebastián Rodríguez, grew up in San Antonio — a coastal city to the north of the Maipo River. Sebastián was drawn to the land — to the agricultural fields, to the diverse plant life, to the valley, and to the beach.

As the winemaker behind Casillero del Diablo, Sebastián crafts a broad portfolio of offerings, from a signature Cabernet Sauvignon, which includes fruit from the famed Maipo Valley, to a crisp Sauvignon Blanc sourced primarily from the coastal vineyards of the San Antonio Valley, closer to his roots. 

Today, we got the pleasure of interviewing Sebastián about the winemaking process.

What does the ideal growing season look like?

An ideal year is when the seasons are distinctly demarcated with the expected weather patterns.  It should be wet in winter, cool and not too rainy in spring, warmer temperatures in summer, and most importantly dry because that directly affects the quality of the grapes.

If all of these ideal conditions come together, the vines are allowed to follow their natural cycle and produce the highest quality fruit.

Are there specific properties of the soil and water that make CdD wines unique?

Water is always important in vineyards, either through rain or with irrigation.  As we experienced a drought in recent years, it is becoming even more critical.  We will always need water for the development of our vineyards, especially in the summer season, when temperatures rise considerably.  Soil is also a very important element as it makes up the terroir.  The specific soil condition is interpreted in each variety.   We always try to plant vines in suitable soil for optimal cultivation of our grapes.

How are the wines made?

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Are there any specific approaches that differentiate CdD from other wineries?

Winemaking in Chile is quite similar across the country, but of course each winery has its secrets.