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Grilling with a Twist

No matter where you live, barbecues are a summer staple. Invite your friends and family over, fire up the grill, and light a few citronella candles (especially if you’re in the south). A great barbecue doesn’t require much — all you need is good food and even better company — but why not switch it up this summer? Try a new grilling technique, serve new sides, or open a new bottle of wine to give your guests a new experience. Here are a few summer grilling ideas you need to try this summer. 

Try a new grilling technique

As the grillmaster, you know what you’re doing. Why not add a new grilling technique to your repertoire? 

Grill over a wood fire

Try grilling over a wood fire like you would at a Chilean barbecue. You simply cook the meat over a wood fire for a long period of time. This allows the meat to soak in smokey, aromatic flavors from the fire and produce flavorful, tender cuts. You can even add herbs, such as rosemary or lavender, to your fire for extra flavor and distinction. 

Rotisserie grilling or spit roasting

If you’re looking for flavor-packed, tender meat, you need to try rotisserie grilling. Rotisserie grilling involves rotating your meat over low heat and letting it slowly cook. As it rotates, juices drawn out by the heat are absorbed back into the meat. The result is juicy, tender meat that your guests will love. If you don’t have a rotisserie oven, you can buy a rotisserie rod attachment for your grill. 

Try new cuts of meat

Everyone loves a grilled burger or steak, but why not try a few new cuts of meat? You can go to the butcher shop and pick up several different pieces of meat. You can even grill the meat in rounds and serve your guests any seared meat that finishes first. This will tie over your guests until the main meal and will prevent you from feeling rushed. 

Serve new, fresh sides and salads

While the meat is roasting on the grill, serve refreshing sides and salads. You can keep it simple by serving fresh vegetables, fruits, and bread. Or, if you’re up to doing more prep work, you can make homemade potato salad. The pickled onions and the creamy, acidic base provide the perfect complement to the savory and hearty meat. 

And most importantly, pour the wine

Hosting a barbecue can be a lot of work. Don’t forget to pour yourself a refreshing glass of wine while you grill. Our Malbec is native of Cahors, France and aged in oak barrels for a vintage taste. It contains concentrated sweet fruit, aromas of blackberries and black plums, and a touch of black pepper, vanilla, and chocolate. The notes of the Malbec harmonize perfectly with barbecue and meld perfectly on the palate.

Barbecues are all about good food and even better wine and company. It is the perfect time to try something new and be around your loved ones. We wish you happy eating!

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