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Red Wine and Cheese Pairings

There’s a reason that wine and cheese have been linked for as long as anyone can remember.  Classic attributes of wine such as acidity or sweetness complement the nutty, creamy, or even pungent characteristics of artisan cheeses.  Let’s dive into the nuances of wine and cheese pairings, so that you can be an entertaining pro by the end of this article.

We recently explored some classic white wine and cheese pairings, but we know there are so many red wine fans out there that we needed to run through some bold selections for reds.

Malbec with Gouda

Malbec is a quintessential South American varietal, and Casillero’s delicious version features flavors of dark plum, cocoa, and a hint of spice that make a perfect match for aged gouda.  Look for a vintage 3 year aged gouda.  Subtle sweet notes of toffee in this slightly salty and sharp cheese create a melody of flavor that will take your palate to the promised land. 

Cabernet Sauvignon with Aged Cheddar or Roquefort

Cabernet Sauvignon is the wine world’s most popular grape, and Casillero’s Cabernet is a perfectly balanced wine for any occasion.  Our recommendations start off with aged cheddar.  The notes of hazelnut and the sharper aftertaste of an aged cheddar dance with the silky tannins, ripe fruit, and rich acidity of Cabernet Sauvignon for an intense yet satisfying experience.  Try an extra mature 2 year aged cheddar for full effect.  Roquefort is a second pairing that cannot be missed.  There are many great blue cheeses, but Roquefort is the king in our book.  It is a moist cheese that is rich, creamy, and sharp all at the same time.  The tangy and salty flavor makes a bold match with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pinot Noir with Gruyere

Pinot Noir is a versatile wine that demands a winemaker’s best effort.  What better cheese to pair it with than Gruyere?  Gruyere is a complex cheese with evolving nuances as it ages.  You can expect fruity tones which progress towards a nutty flavor that finishes softly.  All of these attributes make it a great partner for Pinot Noir.  Casillero del Diablo’s Pinot Noir is an expressive wine with touches of fresh strawberries, soft hints of rose petals, and delicate flavors of cedar and tobacco from barrel aging.  You will undoubtedly enjoy the elegant pairing of Pinot Noir and Gruyere.  Other cheeses that go great with Pinot Noir include Port Salut and Camembert. 

Merlot with Brie

Merlot is one of the famed Bordeaux grapes in the Saint-Émilion appellation and our go-to pairing is with Brie.  The white rind and creamy interior of Brie showcase a distinctive cheese.  The soothing flavor and hint of nuttiness in Brie will be an excellent match for Casillero’s Merlot. This medium-bodied wine possesses lovely tannins, a velvety texture, and a rich finish.  You can also enjoy Merlot with Jarlsberg and Gouda. 

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Bon appétit and happy sipping!

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