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Rich Hearty Stews that Pair with Red Wine

Little is more iconic and comforting on a chilly winter evening than a hearty home-cooked stew paired with a flavorful, full-bodied red wine. No matter what type of stew or hearty soup you choose, there is sure to be an equally-pleasing red wine, whether you prefer a bold, dry red with medium tannins, a lighter, sweeter option, or a red like our classic Merlot with the aromas of chocolate, dark plums, red berries and spices and a hint of toasty vanilla.

It's these unexpected layers of flavor that make red wines perfect to pair with the stews and soups that, on their own, exemplify the best use of exotic spices and unusual ingredients.

Classic Beef Bourguignon

There are almost as many versions of this best-loved stew as there are chefs, each one slightly different. All, of course, have in common the primary ingredients of beef, onions, garlic and herbs, mushrooms, carrots, tomato sauce or tomatoes, and red wine. Julia Child's version wowed American cooks when she first introduced her recipe in California. Pair this universal favorite with our Malbec, and just wait for the compliments.

Moroccan Lamb/Lentil Stew

Healthy spices, abundant flavor, and rich with both protein and fiber, this is a winter meal to savor. Served with pita bread and one of our wines, it can be a truly international dinner. Enhance the exotic taste and the intense character of Moroccan-inspired dinner option with the fruity sweetness of an equally expressive red Carmenere from Chile’s best wine-growing regions. The flavors of blackberries and other ripe berries meld with the delicate hints of coffee and toast from the barrel aging and offer a perfect counterbalance to the stew's richness.

Irish Stew

Traditionally made with Irish Stout, it's the beer that contributes a distinctive flavor to Irish stew, whether it's made with lamb or beef. With hearty white potatoes, carrots, onions, barley, and plenty of gravy, this one-dish meal is perfect with crusty bread and a glass of red wine, even though purists might still prefer their Guinness! Try it with our Cabernet Sauvignon. The intense ruby color of the wine accentuates its notes of cherry, black currant, and plum, and there are background notes of toasted oak to highlight the earthiness of the stew.

Texas Chili

There may be little agreement on what constitutes "true" Texas Chili, but there's no question that this version of Texas-style Chili -- full of heat, with no beans -- has a lot of support! If you love chili, you'll at least want to try this recipe -- it may become a classic of your cooking repertoire. And you're sure to love it paired with either the traditional cold brew or, for a slightly more refined new twist, a red wine that will temper the heat and complement the hearty flavor. We think a perfect pairing would be our densely fruity Casillero del Diablo Pinot Noir.

To finish off any one of these simple stew and wine pairings, simply pour more wine and bring out a platter of cheeses. Enjoy them in front of a warm fire, along with friends and good conversation.

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