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Tips for Trick or Treating Safely in 2020

As the air becomes cooler, the shelves are filling with costumes, face paint, and candy. We are already in October, believe it or not, and it’s Halloween time. Because of COVID-19, Halloween will look different this year. Thankfully, there are ways to trick or treat safely. Read up for some ideas on how you can still enjoy this fun tradition with your family.

Wear a mask and carry hand sanitizer

This goes without saying, but don’t skip the masks and hand sanitizer as you trick or treat. Even if you are socially-distanced and outdoors, it’s a good idea to wear masks. The hand sanitizer will come in handy as your kids reach for candy and ring doorbells. Make sure to sanitize after each visit.

Contactless Trick or Treating

Contact your neighbors to coordinate contactless trick or treating. People in your neighborhood can set up bowls of candy on their doorsteps or at the end of their driveways for kids to come by and pick up candy. It’s a great way to let kids have a traditional sense of trick or treating without coming into contact with several people. Not to mention, some of your neighbors might have done this before COVID-19!

Plan out which houses to visit

The hard part about trick or treating is coming into contact with people you don’t know. You don’t know how well they are socially distancing, wearing masks, or washing their hands. To have more control over the situation and to ensure better safety for your family, you can choose which households to visit ahead of time. This can be family you’ve been around or friends who are taking the same precautions you are.

Your kids will love driving around and showing off their costumes to familiar faces. Plus, you can drive around to look at Halloween decorations!

Other Halloween activities you can do besides trick or treating

Still not comfortable with the idea of trick or treating this year? Here are some alternative Halloween activities you can do:

Carve and decorate pumpkins with family

Carving pumpkins is a classic, fun-filled activity that everyone in the family can enjoy. Grab a few pumpkins, carving materials, and stencils to get started. You can invite family members and close friends to join you since you will be outside and can easily socially-distance.

Halloween scavenger hunt

A Halloween scavenger hunt can be done with your immediate family or with a few friends. The scavenger hunt consists of a list of Halloween-themed things for kids to look for as they walk around. If your neighborhood gets into the Halloween spirit, your scavenger hunt can have your kids looking for ghosts and pumpkins around the neighborhood. If your neighborhood doesn’t decorate for Halloween, you can always set up decorations and activities in your own backyard.

Virtual costume contest

If you have a lot of family members and friends with kids, a virtual costume contest is the way to go. You can set up a time for everyone to e-meet and decide on different costume categories such as best-dressed, funniest, most creative, etc. For prizes, you can mail the winners their prizes or send it virtually (gift cards).

Movie night

What’s better than a cozy night at home with your family? Pair it with a spooky movie and Halloween candy for a fun and relaxing night together. It could even become your new Halloween tradition!

Happy Halloween

No matter what you do this Halloween, we wish you a happy and safe holiday.

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