Casillero del Diablo is once again recognized as the second most powerful wine brand in the world

Once again Casillero del Diablo was highlighted internationally by the prestigious English consultancy Wine Intelligence, recognised as The Second Most Powerful Wine Brand in the World and the first in Latin America, for the third consecutive year.

This is the third Global Index of Wine Brands produced by Wine Intelligence, in which more than 22,000 wine consumers from the 20 most relevant countries in the industry were interviewed, featuring the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Japan, and Netherlands, among others.

This ranking is based on the connection that brands have with consumers. Six measurement methods were used, including “brand awareness”, “purchase remembered in the last three months”, “brand connection measurement related to affinity and product recommendation”, among other aspects.

The overall ranking was led by the Australian brand Yellow Tail, while Casillero del Diablo positioned itself as number one in Latin America and second worldwide, ahead of well-known brands such as Gallo, Jacob’s Creek, and others.

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